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Worst Fudgin Luck


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I know the frustration you must be going through as trying to get that first one under ya belt ,it will happen dont give up its not as easy as some people think it might be but is very rewarding good luck hope ya harvest heaps of buds in future, later
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hi everyone,


Dont stress too much .. im sure it will heal. I got my first plant off a friend (about 30cm tall & had 3 nodes) well .. it took me 3 hours to walk home and i left it in a glass of boiled water for 3 or 4 days (until i got potting mix)

and it still alive at this moment in time.


~ hope all goes well 4 u

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fear not dude for i have cast a blessing upon yee plant and im sure it will heal and grow and strengthen to yield many a good bud. B)


its looks pretty healthy for one thats been injured, just a few tips i can think of:


* overwatering is worse than underwatering coz too much water and not enough drainage will cause root rot which can be hard to fix. If u underwater it and it gets dry it will come good easily with a good watering for a few weeks. Not to say u have been but alot of new growers tend to from what i read, i also did that myself a bit before i got the right pots.


*start in large pots so you dont have to repot, i nearly killed my babies when they were mid way thru and the pots were getting too small, its pretty hard to replant unless your experienced in gardening to which i had none till now. luckily the roots healed up pretty well with mine.


I have nearly come to the end of my first grow, started with 20 seeds, 1/3 didnt germ, 1/3 of plants died as babies (RIP) and 1/3 survived, out of that 1 was male so 4 plants left (maths is a bit fuked but u get the picture)

They are now very healthy and over a metre high (see my threads for pics), and these plants were grown by someone with no gardening experience whatsoever, pple had given me regular pot plants over the years which always died even if i watered them. So yeah it is not that difficult to grow your own if you just use your common sense, GOOD LUCK! :P

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Guest Wilderbud
Kermit, I disagree with the re-potting part of your post. If you start your plant in a bucket of soil then you may introduce over-watering and over-fertilizing more easilly. Repotting is as disasterous or successful as you make it. B)
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just a thing about that repotting thing... I used to grow outdoors in pots, mainly so I could move them around. Anyway, I also happen to work in a nursery so I got loads of experience in repotting all kinds of stuff... Just a few tips with repotting....

1. you can get a much faster rate of growth out of your plant if you only go up 1 pot size at a time. ie, don't go from your little 4" seedling tube to a massive pot, there are loads of reasons for this I don't really want to get into unless your dead keen. MJ roots grow super fast, if you let them reach the sides of the current pot , then repotting will be much easier: when you pull the plant out, the root ball will stay together, stick it in the next size up eg from 6" to an 8" and let the roots fill out again, and so on.

2. Try to do your repotting in the cool parts of the day, and if possible put the plant in the shade for a day. Using a product called 'plant starter' will minimise shock and get the roots growing faster too.

3. You don't want to be repotting when the plant is in flower, so when the hairs start coming, repot for the last time and go up two sizes eg 12"- 16 or 20" (if you can go that big... gets em more to that 8' height)

4. With your watering, here's how to check, stick your longest finger straight down to its full depth into the potting mix and have a feel about (if you have a girlfriend you'll know what I'm ta..... hehe.. sigh) if its slightly moist down there... DON'T DO A THING!!, give it a couple of days, if its dry, water till it starts pissing out of the bottom of the pot, then leave it for a while again... this is called deep watering... and is how a plant should always be watered... all the way through, then LEAVE IT...

OK, thats it....

rock on

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