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Hi everyone,


I thought everyone may like to share with us their most obscure additives that they've used or heard about and maybe whether they got any results from em.


Atm i'm drinkin this beer called "Little Creatures" and it tastes so good I actually considered adding some to the resi :B): I havn't yet but maybe tomorrow. My girls are 4th week of bloom. Has anyone else added somethin funny to their resi? Please share results...

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Uhm, I wouldn't add beer to the resi... I have absolutely no idea what it will do to the plants, but it can't be good. :P


Hmmm.... weirdest additive... let me think....


*goes away and thinks*


Probably cat litter. We use a biodegradeable form which is made of recycled newspaper. Once it's used, (removing large chunks of poo of course) you can add it to the compost, or even to the garden itself if not too heavily soaked with urine. It's usually better to compost it first, as it's quite heavy in nitrogen, and it's unavailable to plants in that form, but I've used it previously as a small booster to a plant... didn't harm it, but I wouldn't recommend it. B) :P

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i have given my babies beer and didnt notice any problems.

it wont do any harm luke. Beer is just fermented sugars, malt and yeast. In a way the yeast may give of CO2.

Yeast is a good CO2 provider for your babies.

Not advisable adding beer to your plant though jsut saying that beer is harmless unless u give it a gallon a day.

Then your plant might just get a beer gut and burp alot.


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BEER is kickarse for growing plants actually.


No dont stick the shit in your resevoir, hydro needs to be a sterile condition, and no the buds wont taste like beer or get you drunk ;)


If your convinced you want your buds to taste like beer then try this, harvest plants, dry buds, chuck a few dry buds in a glass of beer for 24-48hrs , then dry them out well again for another 48hrs in place with good ventilation, then smoke.


would be pretty gross IMO.



Anyways back to the point, beer is great as an innoculant for new soil and new compost, gets that microbial activity happening. Im not a drinker , I buy beer just for this reason, usually get a stout cos I figure its got more rich in all the fucking crap, but yeah, the shit is great.


As for wierd additives, well beer, done that, done the kitty litter in the compost bit too, Anything goes in the compost really. If its biodegradable its usually in.


Urine, I believe, Is mostly nitrotrogen in the form of ammonias, you can dilute it 1 cup of piss to 100ltrs or so, but best just to go hang a piss in your compost pile where the bacteria can act upon and do the whole nitrogen cycle bit before the ammonia can harm your plants.


Straight on weed, or in hydroponics the wierdest additive I've used was maybe uhhhhmmmmm, superthrive :P , dont stick wierd shit in your hydro resevoir mate. No good can come from it.


in the end do you really want buds that taste like beer and get you drunk anyways, why dont you just have a sip of beer quickly after each cone?? saves alot of experimentation and hassle.

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