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What should i get ?


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you need an extraction fan at the top of your cupboard and inlet fan or vent holes near bottom. You need hydro nutes. (use 1/3 strength in bubbler) Some rockwool to germinate seeds. lemme think, water, power point. Thermometer which can record min/max temps is useful. You need to give the inside of your cupboard two coates of flat white paint and seal light leaks. That might be about it.
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If you can afford it a truncheon; to measure nutrient levels in your solution. They rock. Just dip and it lights up to give you a reading. Doubles as a stirring wand. Cost about $100-$120 AUD. MAde by NZ Hydroponics International. I'd be lost without it.


Not 100% necessity but it's bloody handy.


:D Tugboat ;)


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Guest weekprik

well yes and no, It is designed to measure EC of the nutrient.

This value can be guesstimated to PPM, and they include a PPM scale on the unit.

It saves you alot of time and guessing, ie it will tell you if the nutrient mix you have just made is right to go or too strong etc. It also tells you how much water has been drunk via the res. if the plant starts drinking too much water it can make the mix too strong, so you know to add ph adjusted water.


Bite the bullet and buy the truncheon, buy a liquid ph tester, forget the PH up as you always bring the PH down. I have never once used ph up.

for you first few times I would use only A+B, and some Nutriboost.


Nutriboost is a combination of vitamins B1,B6,B12,A,D,E & K which contain growth promoting factors that increase cellular activity. Nutriboost also helps to reduce shock and stress caused by transplanting, excessive heat, under or over watering or attack by pests and disease. These situations can decrease activity in plants dramatically.


the other thing I always recomend even to new growers is to buy some decent seeds, as these are usually bred to avoid many problems like being mite resistant etc. It means less chance of stuff them and more chance of better tasting and healthier bud.


dont even look at any other additives as the more shit you put in there, the harder it is to repair a fault if it happens. save additves until you have a couple of grows under your belt.


oh and consider a light Spreader, as its a thingy that blocks alot of the heat from the light and allows you to get the light even closer to the canopy(buds). :D


sorry to bombard you, but I wish someone had told me this when I first started.


WP ;)

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