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THC and sugar

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To all those canna cooks out there, maybe u could help me out on this one as u all know i have dome some home brewing with mj in it, some one just gave me an idear (thanks mate) i know thc is oil base but was wondering if sugar could be melted down and mixed with honey oil as this would be one of the best ways of getting thc into my brews, it would not have to be very much sugar as i would need enough to do the priming of the bottles in other words u put a tea spoon of sugar into the bottle before u put ya brew in there that is what gives you your gass in the bottles after u cap tham, so maby one of u canna cooks out there work out a way of doing this, if it can be done it would be grate.
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mate I dunno much about the brewing process so cannot offer specific advice. But what way did you add weed to your previous brews? I imagine when using THC oil you would just add in the same way and the alchoholic content would absorb the THC just like it does when you use weed. Only with oil you will be spared the green taste


No suger will not absorb or extract THC, however glycerin (a form of sugar) will absorb/extract THC because it has a chemical structure similar to alcohol. Food grade glycerin is commonly available at the supermarket and health food stores. It absorbs THC somewhat less effectively than alcohol, but still does the job well enough, just needs a little more time to get to the same potency. So if you need something to mix your oil with, glycerin could be a possibility.

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