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Help! how come my plants have 3 or 4 seeds


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:D A few months ago I bought a clone from a hydro shop.She has now come to harvest time and I have found 3 or 4 seeds through out the plant. Does anyone know why this occurs?

Also, can I clean my truncheon with a scourer?

A friend has what we think is scarid fly.He is drenching now, but does anyone know the damage they can do, in terms of symptoms on the plant, the loss of yeild etc. They have been there a few weeks IMO.

Really appreciate and thoughts or comments.


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Guest BudWaver

ya get that with a lot of strains man...I wouldnt worry about such a small amount of seed...theres the chance of cross polination...plant stress and late hemie plants


scarid fly drench..stay away from that shit or watch your plants suffer...use flyspray or sticky sheets of cardboard with honey on em to try and catch em


Is your cf truncheon glass? if so dont use a scourer....try picking it off with your fingers but it shouldnt really have anything on it as your not leaving it in your nutrient solution to start with...

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:D hey ya from tassie devil, Clones from a hydro shop ? surely not,, most likely clone has shown a few male flowers so a few seed are to be expected Its probaly wiser to buy reputable seeds from the many advertised sources and grow your own mother plants to clone from, also with regard to your truncheon do not scrub with harsh clothes etc use warm water with a little white or brown vinneager added and soak over nite then use a clean damp cloth to wipe clean ,,,,, Be very carefull with the tip the probe cheers from tassie devil
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Don't use a scourer. Normal jif or similar creme cleanser, a note here, not the lemon flavoured one. Use a drop of this on your fingertip, and use that, along with some warm water as the method of removing any crusting. You really should clean it weekly, and long before anything that requires scouring to remove..... :D


Scarid fly will eat the crap out of the root system, as well as invite a million and one pathogens of other types into the GR. They weaken the plant, and make it susceptible to damage. Check out the pests and problems forums for some more info on scarid fly,... search will likely bring up some suggestions as well.


As to the seeds, yeah, sounds like the effects of a late hermiing, either that or a small amount of pollen was transferred, likely via you, into the gr itself. All it takes is one grain. Just one. And that stuff is light as light can be. Some growers go to amazing lengths to keep pollen out of large, and small grow rooms. ;) If herming, yeah, get a better strain, or investigate the grow to see if there were any undue stresses on the plant through flowering. This is usually the cause of late hermaphroditism, but genes also play a part.


Hope that helps mate. ;)

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