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physical hallucinations?

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does this happen to anyone else here...?


when i have any THC at all, even just one cone, in a few minutes i get this really intense tingling through my whole body (most intense in the feet, legs and chest).

it's most noticable when i'm sitting still or lying down, or even just standing.

it's the best feeling ever... better than anything.

and the thing is, if i really let go i can still feel it the next day in the feet and lower legs.

it's like the muscles are contracting really slowly and it feels great.

fuck, i dunno. it's pretty weird.


no one else i know experiences it, but i remember john birmingham said on triple j one time that he was aware of and could feel all his internal organs sometimes when really ripped, but it was more a bad thing than a good thing.

he said it was a some kind of physical hallucination.


does anyone else get this sort of physical high or am i just messed up?

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I know what you're talking about man, I sometimes have a few cones just before bed so I can lie there and experience what you are talking about....However for some reason I don't experience it all the time. Most of the time it's only when I am extremely relaxed eg. before bed....When I think about the effects of the weed maybe? Anyway hopefully others can understand what we are talking about....otherwise I am messed up too ;)

Fuck I love weed! :D



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maybe it just happens to guys who like Tool :D


i only smoke when i'm in a really good mood or i'm really giving up on something or someone.

i guess i can only really let go when i'm either really happy or really down.

anyway, whether i'm high or low, i'm totally relaxed.. so that's probably what it is: you relax enough, and it becomes more like a physical high.


i'll look it up

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yeh, i get this but only when i smoke joints, which i cant be fucked doing most of the time.


normally i use a pipe or bong but last night for the first time in a few weeks i smoked a joint and i just love that feeling, like all the blood is rushing to your feet.


one time i had a smoke and felt it in my feet, then a few hours later i smoked some more and felt it really strong in my head. Cos it feels like all the blood in my body rushing to might feet i sometimes get scared that i'll blackout.


another thing i experience, but this happens evertime im high and have sex or have a toss; i get this feeling for a while after i've orgasmed. its like a tingling feeling going in circles on the very end of my penis, i always think its stars in my pants, and thats when i know i'm RIPPED!!


P.S im stoned as heck now so ignore me if i ramble

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wack0, that's pretty much exactly how it feels for me too.


also, i think it's like you're stepping outside of yourself and seeing the world the way it truely is, and then when you step back in everything seems close, bright and warm.

it's a really calm feeling.

it's like one of those ancient Zen/Taoism type philosophies, living in the moment sort of thing.. like in some parts of fight club and american beauty.


it all makes sense when your ripped!

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Guest Wilderbud

Never noticed it because of weed smoking but if you mean do i get outer body experiences then Ive always had this happen every few months. I think its bad sugar levels that do it to me and it feels like my body jumps when I strain myself in any way. I get this feeling when driving through trees which have sunlight shining through them all the time also although its not because Im stoned.


It does feel refreshing sometimes but most of the time it scares me because Ive had a stroke after experiencing this. :D

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