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Sunmaster 1000W HPS

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Hi guys,


I dunno what your experiences with these globes are but I have to say that i'm disapointed with the quality of these globes. I've also been told by a hydro shop owner whom I respect that it's due to the fact they are in a smaller envelope and therefore cheaper to manufacture and therefore wholesale. They are heavily marketed but not researched. Has anyone else had any probs?


Oh also forgot to mention I happened to be in the room when one of these things "blew" and there was flames inside of the thing. I had to quickly rush over and unplug it. Who knows what might have happened if I wasn't there.....



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Ive used sunmaster 1000 mh before had nothing but problems i ended up swaping it,but down the track i was told i needed a sunmaster ballast ?was xclent when worked xclent spectrum but not a reliable globe etc i thought it was only me speak to your hydro dealer as mine was good enough to swap for a more expensive globe and shade :D just for the stuff around goodluck dude
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:D 2 in 4 months...somethings wrong there mate. to be honest, in 1K, ive never used anything but. used a few different breeds in 400W though.

mate ive changed my globe every 12 months up til this last year, all sunmasters, 1K universal position. these suckers were running for 12hrs or more non-stop all their life.

id be looking at moisture probs or taking the ballast to a sparky...



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hey just chillin were you using the 1100 watt sunmaster bulb or the 1000 watt one ??


Just trying to elininate things maybe you had a 1100 watt bulb in the wrong ballest i dont know more info neede


Secondly have the ballest checked out id say it has more to with that then the bulb

If there was a major problem with the manufaturing of the bulb then id say it would of been removed from the market yet again you may have have got a dodgy 1 off bulb it happens to all manufactures there are always rejects that are somtimes missed in any product.


Another thing that could of happened is did you get any water on the bulb by anychance this would definatly cause the thing to blow up.


Personally ive never use sunmaster


@kash i use 1000 watts and ill tell you why lets take 3000watts thats 3 1000 total 12 amps at the same rate we would need 5 600 thats 15 amps so its a matter of power usage per kw


Please state your reasons for preferece for 600 over 1000


Lastly i dont go on to much hydroshop owners or workers have to say fuck ive been sold so many products over the years that were usless not worth the money and didnt benifit the garden 1 little bit>They want you to keep coming back thats how they make money alot of them flog off products that have good returns for them as well.


Finally talking about mj with your hydro store person is STUIPID dont ever trust them ive heard of many stores that tip off the pigs and get paid for it im not saying its all but there are some.Especailly if your buying more then 1 light.




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Just to clarify it was 2 globes in 2 different ballasts. No mositure/humidity problems and my girls are looking just fine. They were both 1000W MHs and used in 1000W MH ballasts. The 1st one blew after 1 grow so 3 months. And now the second 1 month into second. I'm lucky that I have backup but shit its a bit rich eh?


As for the 600 vs 1000 debate there's advantages for both. 1000s produce more lumens (unit of light) per watt (unit of energy) than 600s pound for pound. Having said this the new Sylvania globes are catching up. However 1000s also have a greater consentration of radiated heat and therefore you have to keep em further away from your girls.

I personally have 4 1000W globes with a couple of backup 600s. If i was buying again i'd probably go for 600s as they're more common and lest stress if one blows.

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