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Yellow Leaves


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Can someone tell me why i have all these Yellow leaves on my plant ?

About 15 % of the leaves on my plant are a pale Yellow. Theyre not burnt. the are still soft, but just yellow.

The rest of the leaves are a nice green and are fine

These yellow leaves also keep droping off after a few days. but as quickly as the yellow ones drop, some of the green ones start going yellow also and the vegetation on my plant is getting sparser and sparser !!


I heard from someone it is a sign of lacking nutrients and i should vertalise them . Is thats true ?


my dilema is the plants have started flowering and i also heard it is BAD to fertalise when your plants are in the flowering stage. is that also true ?


Thanks Jason :D

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If you give us some more details of your setup we have a better chance of helping you. I'm guessing you're growing in soil. What type of soil is it? In pots or in the ground? What size pots? What nutes have you added? How often do you water? How old are your plants?


Whoever told you its bad to add nutes during flower doesn't know a lot about growing pot, I wouldn't listen to too much more of their advice


It could be a lack of nutes, it could also be too much nutes, or PH problems. In soil you want a PH between 6.2 and 6.8 ideally. Soil PH test kits are cheap at the nursery or hardware. Or at some nurseries you can take a soil sample in and they can test it for you. There are ways you can try to correct PH problems, but get back to us with more info first. :D

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oh ok sorry.

Im growing outdoors and the plants are in 35cm in diameter pots.

The plants are around 5 months old.

the soil they are in is a neutral potting mix.

the only nutrients ive given them is some slow release osmocote pellets.

I added this to the soil when the plants were a few weeks old.

i water when ever the the 1st 3cm of the soil looks dry

hope thats enough info.


thanks jason

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well mate I think your friend could be right, they may be lacking in nutes. 5 months is a long time between meals :D If they in flower try adding some half strength bloom booster type nutes once a week. Like yates lush. If you mixed a handful of osmocote with trace elements into the surface of each pot it probably wouldn't hurt either. and remember what I said about PH....
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