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Bongs or joints?

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Hey Indo, welcom to Ozstoners:) Some peeple swear by bongs, some swear by vapourisers...some by joints. It's really a personal choice, most people say that bongs are a smoother smoke, with this I agree. Personally I think smoking via a bong is just a better experience, I love pipes and J's....but there is something about a nice toke from a bong :) I think alot of people would agree with this....In my personal opinion, Bongs are most definately the way to go....but this is purely my opinion lol

Look forward to reading more of your posts.



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Yeah, give it a go at least ozmade. Gotta find a stoner friend who'll buy one first tho to try... Damn their "no try before buy" policies at bong shops... :) If you could just take the thing back if it wasn't to your taste...... :P


aaaanyway, Bongs are preferable for myself, but yeah, it's whatever suits ya personally. A bong "hit" is usually faster and more immediately effective in my opinion than that of a more slowly consumed joint. It does depend on the gear more than the method tho, the method is more how fast or how pure it's going into you. You can judge if you've had too much of a pull a little better on a joint I think tho, a bong, once pulled, should be finished in one toke, shotty and all IMHO. Leaving it in the chamber to smoke over time is just.... eww... Rip that cone down. ;)


Joints are lovely for taking long walks at night and when you need to have a cone and just can't get to a bong or vape. Still, given the choice, I'd chose a bong.


And hi there IndoSmoke, I'll be very interested to hear about the smoko that goes around in indonesia. Isn't it extremely dangerous to be caught with drugs in Indonesia? :) What's the penalty for growing? Just wondering. ;)


Take it easy mate, as time goes by and you try out a few different methods for yourself, (and there's a lot of difference between different types of bongs, joints and vapes too, so experiment a bit I say lol ) you'll find what's best for you. Good luck with it mate.

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you smoke dry bongs? i've done that a few times by accident and it burnt like hell


i guess i'm just used to my ice-bong.. ice water gives you a smoother hit and is easier on your lungs.

if you use warm or hot water, you get an even smoother pull but it causes the lining on the inside of your lungs to expand, letting in more tar and other crap.

ice water does the opposite, but since it only takes about half a second to absorb roughly 95% of the THC, you still get as good a hit as with warm water


anyway, i think bongs are better, but that's just me. half the fun in getting stoned is everyone choosing how to do it, whether you stick with tradition or try something new.

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