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Tobacco and pot

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I just read and answered the poll on using pot and tobacco together.Now it really hits me....You guys mean together in the same joint! I mean I realise that those of us on the west coast of Canada are spoiled with our abundance of the green.But what the hell are you people thinking?I mean yuck! You go through all the effort of producing a fine fragrant tasty herb,and mix it with tobacco?Oh well maybe I'm just some kind of freakin conniseur.I don't know anyone here who does that.....to each there own.Heck we don't even mix hash with tobacco,we use weed!
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Its a result of the EVIL motherfuckers that sell pot, they like to sell it all soaking wet, cos the kids love that "sticky shit".

The kids all think, fuck this pot is so potent and sticky that chopping it rolls it all up into balls, and the evil motherfuckers continue to sell wet dope, that does not burn fuck all by itself.


Another reason is that if you buy a stick and you got 6 mates to smoke it as a youngin, than 4 spun-up cones is better than 2 & 1/2 non spun up ones. more cones seems like more stone.


And yeah theres an abundance of weed in australia too, but alot of dope smokers are poor.


Different strokes for different folks, in some places you'd be the one who's being disgusting by smoking such an impure product as buds and not smoking hashish constantly.


Most folk who grow there own dont use spin, and tobacco and hash????? yuck, thats just wrong mate.

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When i first started smoking pot i did not smoke ciggas but when i did ciggas i still dident mix it until one day there was about 5 of us on a $20 and my mate said lets spin it so we get more cones out of it, that is how every one done it as thay recon it makes it go further but in the end u are still only smokeing the same amount of pot, i smoke with spin but am cutting it down more amd more until it gets to the point were i will smokeing my pot strait. Edited by ozmade
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Guest Wilderbud

I dont know how people can put spin in joints but I also dont know how you can smoke a straight cone of bud without choking on it [as I would]. Tobacco lets more weed burn in the cone also so its more efficient to spin your weed.


I use about 1 cigarette for a quarter so its not ruining the taste of the weed. Im a connoseur also and youre right - tobacco in joints ruins the joint.


I do not smoke spun joints AT ALL but I ALWAYS spin my session. Im a cigarette smoker also unless I have a lot of weed [i dont need cigarettes when I have plenty of stash - except to spin with my session *if the weed cost less Id just give up cigarettes for joints instantly as cigarettes are like a pacifier to me*].

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I dont smoke anything with bacco in it.

The way I see it is that if I want to smoke and take the risk of getting cancer etc, then i may as well smoke MJ.


I used to smoke about 30 cigs a day, but gave up before we planned having our kids. (it was just my excuse).


Anyways I have alot of kiwi friends and they laugh at us Aussies putting shit in out weed.


Whats the point of the tobacco anyways? all it does is makes me dizzy and tastes like shit. Defeats the reasoning behind smoking decent strains.



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