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Newbie Grow Paranoia


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Infrared imaging will show your grow light as a round intense spot.If you run a strip of mylar or flashgrow above your light on the ceiling,it will leave an indestinct light profile.This will appear as a normally heated room to infrared.Besides as it costs about $800 per hour to keep a small heli airborn,they won't waste resources on as small a fish as you.
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you can cover your walls and roof with "foil" it goes undetected.... there was a raid near my house the other day the cops got a million dollar crop out of a double garage house the owners had covered the walls and roof with foil so the cops said and it stopped them from finding it sooner... and yes the cops will fly over and pick up your lamp on the infered they dont go out looking for H.I.D lamps they just chasse crims fly from place to place etc... and while they are doing this they turn on the thermal imaging camera than your busted but just cause they have seen one small light doesnt mean there gonna hastle you if they see the light moving around the room at different times (on a light mover) or they see more than one lamp expect to get raided
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mate the amount of pot you are growing under a little 400 isnt worth there time,they need big busts that will get them on tele and justify the huge amount of money thats being directed away from hospitals and public transport into busting big time crops,unless you have managed to cram a million $ crop under there , i think you can chill,, :)
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