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how do i know when my outdoor buds r


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hello everyone best time of year for the outdoor grower wondering how and best way to tell if your buds r ready as 1 is nearly ready others r far behind growing skunk#1 others unknow all starting to bud when to pick ?
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yeah I agree looking at trichs is best. but judging by hairs is next best option if you don't have a mag. glass. There is no absolute rule anyway, depends on strain and your personal taste. Best to experiment with harvesting at different times to see whats best for you.


Personally I think getting a cheap microscope is a good option. I bought a little hand held thing from a National Geographic shop for $40 which does up to 60x magnification.


here is a pic I took with it out of interest


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Hey coughy, how are ya mate?



Yeah ya must have a strain that shows red hairs at maturity eh?



Personally i agree with Mr nice guy, I always seem to have a couple of plants that show heaps of red hair well before harvest :)


At present i have an almost mature plant(only a couple of days off harvest.) it has fuck all red hair.




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Yup, some will show maturity really well by their hairs, others are barely correlating.


I personally prefer to harvest when about 40% are clear, about 50% are cloudy and the smallest, around 10% is amber. I prefer an "upper" high from my pot though, so I suppose I'm an earlier harvester than most here.


Still, I usually leave something to mature late, and these are usually 70% amber or more by the time they've been cut down. Mix the two harvests together and you've got a most interesting smoko. lol Don't operate heavy machinery. :)


Yeah, get yourself a minumum 30x mag glass or even better, a cheap microscope, mine was 30 bucks from cashies and it does 100x 200x and 300x mag, the 100 being ideal IMO. 300 gives individual trichomes full scope view. :)


I'll include a few shots from my microscope at varying strengths to give you an idea of what they look like eh? Great shot from pipeman there btw... ;) Looks beautiful.


This is a shot of the trichs, (note about half clear, half cloudy) from the harvest before the most recent one... this is at 100x I think...


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