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Pruning tips whilst flowering?


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The leaves are basically food factories for the plants. They convert sunlight, water and co2 into sugar, water and o2. This means that if you reduce the plants food making capacity, you're directly interfering with it's ability to produce buds. Light is important in getting large buds, for sure, but removing the leaves to acheive this is going to do more damage to the plant than any amount more of light penetration will give.


There are a few growers who trim lower fan leaves on the canopy buds in SCROG just after they penetrate the screen, this is supposed to be just enough to allow more light, but not enough removal of plant material to stress the plants too much.


If you must remove a part of the plant, make it a whole branch, leaving a decen "heel" at the base of the cut to prevent any infection of the mainstem. Removing leaves is usually more trouble than it's worth.


The only exception, IMO, is when a leaf is more than 50% permanently damaged in some way, usually nutrient burns, although they also become damaged and yellowed at the base level when the plants get high and dense enough so that the lowest leaves receive almost no light at all, and the plants themselves will abort them anyway.


Hope that helps. ;)

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If you have got 2 remove the fan leves from your plant, pull open your bud and remove the steam of the leaf right back at the node on the main branch of the plant.


The reason for this is ive seen so many plants get bud rot when people just cut the fan leaves off where they poke out of the main bud cola, the rest of the steam in the bud rots all the way back to the node every time, causing budrot/mold to start.


Hope this helps


JF, peace

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