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rodents ?

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hi everyone , i've had a huge mouse problem , i treated em for the past week with ratsak which has been eaten by the cartload . my problem is would a mouse chew through the stem of a plant that has been veggin for 6 weeks ? the stem was very fat . could a mouse do this ? also i bought one of those cloning boxes to try and keep em off my clones , thought it was safe enough to sow some seeds , alas they have all been eaten again ! now the vent holes in the box are only about half inch , so wot the fuck is eating my seeds ? could it be gekkos ? lizards , fucked if i know anymore . the seeds were tashenk from mjoz , so im pissed now .

any help would be great .

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I would pack everything up and get an exterminater in. Or get your house sprayed. But if you don't wanna do that seal up your grow room or grow cupboard. put some sort of wire mesh over any gap including inlet/exhaust points or vent holes.


do you have anything around your house that may be attracting mice? I once had a rat visit me every night that was so big it could get the lid off my bin to get food scraps! Caught it with a trap.

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thanks for the answers guys . i think i'l go with the mesh idea cos i'ts a rented spot and i don't really want to pack it all up just yet ............ i'm so close to a good harvest i'ts not funny , yea i've got something that atracts mice ................. three kids dropping snap all over . but i reckon its the lights that are attracting the pricks .
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