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Black lights in flower.

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I think its pretty dumb, but being a newbie I had to ask.


I was sitting in a chat room, last night chatting with a stoner somewhere in Canada.

We spoke for a fairly long period of time too.


One of the things He told me was, that if you use a black light in your growroom, that its changes the colour of the hairs on the flowers??


He stated that He tried it and it worked, it produced Vibrant coloured hairs??


Now Is this guy speaking through a hole in his head, Or maybe ther is some truth to this?



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;) hi all, the thinking would be that a blacklight wouldnt even register against a HID, surely. Im putting this up in the thinking that a blacklight is just one of those electra-zap fluros, purple ones. they do put out light cause the one at work annoys me when im trying to sleep.


heres a tip...when youre out prawning, use them instead of normal fluros. you can get in closer see...the fluro gets too bright up close...



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