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grilled cheese on toast

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ok i know this is simple but its the best damn munchie food around!


heat your grill to either 200 or max, whichever you reckon is coolest at the time (you will be stoned after all).

slice a nice thickness slice the size of your bread off the cheese block (i can recommend Nimbin natural cheese as being the best melting cheese around, plus everyone i know including my mum and dad and my friends mums and dads think it tastes awesome, so buy it if you havent already) and place on buttered bread (dont over do the butter, when it melts it sits on top of the cheese and makes it abit runny, it isnt as nice as a runny egg type runny.

put your slices on the grill tray and put the pieces of bread right under the grill and of course the leave the door open while pre-heating and cooking. check on it every so often as cheese will burn, but when it starts to turn brown and its all melted take them out.

serve on a plate and make actiosn of moving your hand from the plate to your face. repeat as often as required.


chef HolySmokesBatman

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