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question about nutrients and air flow

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ok i was wondering should i give the plants fertilizer before they sprouted and if not when should i start fertilizing. I also wanted to know if 20-20-20 fertilizer be good for vegative stage and should the fertilizer contain any trace elements. And can i use the same fertilzer for flowering if not what should i use.


I also wanted to know if there a way to get fresh air in and out of the grow box without opening the door. Whats a good and easy and cheap setup to use. and i have a de humidifier would it help to put it in the grow box.

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If thay are only seedling or have not sprouted as yet u dont need to give them anything yet just water set at the rite ph witch is about 5.5-6.5, with the nutes i am not too sure on the ratio N,P,K but u neet 1 for veg stage and a diffrent one for bud, with air flow u need to have fresh air going into your chamber all the time for good growth and just operning the door now and then just wont cut it, u can get one of those barthroom fans for under $20 and put that in the top of your grow area but u will need to build a light trape as well and u will need a few smaller holes at the bottom of your grow chamber to the fan can suck the freash air into the chamber u need the barthroom fan at the top as that is were all the will build up and depending what type light u use.
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