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Additional Ferts?

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lol Hi all, my 2 indoor babies(bout 4 months ) are in their new outdoor tubs in a shed with roof partially removed for light and get about 5 hours full sun daily

Used potting mix and put some mixed commercial poo in so have 2 questions

1 is this enough light?

2 do I need to add extra ferts..was thinking of foliar spray once week or whatever


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i'm not an expert on the subject but had some experience, before transplanting from hydro to outdoors you must consider a few factors.. i.e from rockwool to organic medium ? etc, the most important however IMO is light exposure, if you had your hydro lights on anything from say 20/4 to 18/6 or even less light, you have to slowly introduce them and make them familiar with light exposure differences not shock them buy going from say 18/6 to 5/19..... that won't end well.


However, i have various plants in vaious positions outside, and the ones that are getting around 5 hours of direct sunlight, and around 7 of indirect with about 12 of darkness are going the best, what you have to do is experiment with outdoor plants or maybe clones IMO.

once you have your premium exposure times/positions/conditions then think about transporting hydro to outdoor, drop back the light exposure gradually in increments week by week.


I have a few plants that i moved from 18/6 to just outside in about 10 hours sunlight, and were struggling, but alas i had no choice as my light blew and havent been able to replace.


After recent violent winds, most of my outdoor plants copped a fair hiding, the ones i transfered from hydro (to outdoor) are cained and almost everythings dead apart from skinny ass stem and two new leaves STARTING to develope, however, other plants seem to of utilised this experience...


the windstorm had 'educated' the plants to survive in a harsher enviroment (the seeds were originally from a QLD rain forrest & i am currently in south NSW).


aclimatising plants to your particular climate with outdoor plants is an absolute mandatory affair.

i thought most of my plants were dead, but i "treated them" and took care of them after the winds, and now whilst still recovering, are showing astounding leaps and bounds in growth, where some weren't seen to be advancving in veg. at all they are now bushing out and starting to grow lovely etc.


in short (which i realise this post probably isn't ;)) you can't go throwing plants from one extreme to another, you have to acclimatise them to the upcoming climatic conditions gradually (if that makes any sense) soz i'm pretty bent and i know it all in my head but not sure if it's coming out right lol.

i suppose unless theres any significant health decrease in the plants then there is no reason to change anything.


"If it ain't broke... don't fix it" :P




NB: This is somewhat of an observation for me any thoughts, exprriences or opinions are eagerly welcome and of course if anyone can contradict me than by all means go for it, were all out to help each other in all aspects of cannabis cultivation ;)

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i was going to advise to ask Tom lol

i believe that "intense constant direct sun" is often concieved from "a healthy amount of sunlight" improperly if you know what i mean.

with the oudoor plants it's not always "12 hours of constant direct sunlight" that is most effective as i have found through experimentation.


although i would imagine this would vary greatly from strain to strain..


explanations are often better than mere answers and i'm just trying to offer some experience, as obviously i have spent less time in practice as such as tom, and other abundantly experienced growers on the forum :P, i'm still just here to learn, tell and share practices with.



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Depending on what light they come from veg seems to make a biggest difference. Going from hps to sun is the hardest. Mh is a bit easier but still some shock. Fluro is the easiest and most times they end up more vigarous.

If its possible to give them 3 hours fluro and/or indirect light 5 hours direct sun then 3 hours fluro and/or indirect light.

The most important thing to induce flower is the 12 hours of uninterupted darkness more than the intensity of the light for the first few weeks atleast. If you can work the ammount of light up as they flower they will respond better. After 4 weeks you can expose them to an extra hour of direct sun light. To extend photo period it doesnt need to be a strong light just enough so it isnt total darkness.

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Hi again...they were under 400hps on 24 hours...we put them out last week on Monday and 3 days ago ,the larger of the 2 has little hairs and loves the new environment. The smaller one has stalled but was found as a seedling underneath my last "outdoorie" so unsure what sex as yet(the first one is a clone) As usual I get to experiment with the leftovers! lol :P
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