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Hi all


Would like to hear anyone who has grown a SOG setup and the type of strains and the success or failures using those perticular type of strains produced in a "sea of green" grow.


SWIM has only tried one type of strain in a small SOG setup, it was "Critial Mass" by Mr Nice.


The setup consisted of a 1200X1200 flood and drain tray with a plastic top cover with holes cut out on top. The plants were 150mm apart in little net pots which were sitting in the holes made in the plastic cover.


The clones were rooted in 35mm RW cubes in 7 days and then put in 75mm RW cubes and placed in net pots on tray.


They were veged for about 7 days and turned over too 12 hours to flore.


They needed some bottom branch triming as SWIM was trying to get one large main cola off each plant.


The plants finished floring in 56 days.


The yeild was 12grams dry per plant (630grams total), under 1 600w HPS.


The quality of the product was only just above averge but the yeild has really high!


Has anyone else tried any different strains in a SOG setup?Would like 2 hear from u.



JF, peace

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i know this old cunt, been SOG'ing forever and only uses Northern lights and hybrids he makes of northern lights, been growing it for years.


I had a good SOG with great white shark, but I'm not a soggy kinda guy, and havent done much sogging, but got best yields ever using GWS with 16plant per square metre so 2 weeks veg or so, never tried to do one as tight as yours, furthest I gone was 25 plants per metre squared (but was under-vegged). anyway GWS needs removal of branches, quite a bushy plant, but big fat tight buds, One of few plants i grown with big buds that will still get you a good buzz. Maybe a bit long for some folk.

But Quick + High Yield + Decent Bud, dont exist in my opinion.


I'm just a perso grower though, have a different opinion of decent bud to the folk who buy it. On the market well grown GWS would be far above average. compensates on the yields it misses of the "bigbud"s and shit.

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hi................skunk 1 is the best way to go in sog .....after cuttings root ........put straight in to head.............no veg......................use rockwell cubes......................in a metre by metre flood n drain put cubes right next to each other................say 40 big cubes or 60 smaller ones.................put a inch of volcanic pebbles around them ...thats if there is any gaps..........one 400 wt son t agro should get close to a pound if done right...................if using c2o this can be done every 5 weeks if u take cuttings 2 weeks b4 harvest time..........use more than one light if u want power chunky chicken...........from a poor old cunt that has not done this for last 22 years and i am not rich now ....lol..... any one want a ride in my ferrari or a smoke of my 203 generation rock buds.......... : lol
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