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I'm planning on setting up a small grow in my wardrobe on a shoe-string budget. I need someone to give me some advice on whether the following idea is a good one or not.


- Two chambers. Bottom one used for growing, top for drying. The bottom chamber is 40cm high, 40cm wide and 45cm deep. The top is 35X40X45.


- Plants will grow in rockwool, using X-Factor or similar nutrients.


- CO2 provided by vinegar/bi-carb drip.


- Flourescent lighting.


- Holes to be cut in rear of both chambers (about the size of a 50c piece) for ventilation.


I'll be growing White Widow X Sweet Tooth. It will only really be for myself and a small circle of friends, essentially because we're all sick of paying for sub-standard, wet, low-potency pot that seems to circulate through Blacktown and Parramatta. Also sick of paying for 3.5g of WET POT that when dried, comes out to about 2.9g. You read right.


I have a frind who's a bit of an authority on the subject helping me out, but I need a plan before I can get started. Any ideas? Keep in mind, my budget is around $250. I hope to not spend that much.

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yer i've been thinking about turning my semi walk in robe into a grow room to.


one/two bathroom type exaust fan(s), or fan/light combo, any suggestions on which is better ?


i'll probably just opt for the fans and flouros, it's already painted in white semi gloss, one shelf in top around 6 feet from ground, with another 3 foot cavity above that.


would replacing the shelf with say, flyscreen and use for drying be possible ? if not would it be better just to rip it out all together ?


all suggestions welcomed and grateful for..



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