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My seedlings stretched up at the light

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Due to the lack of space in my growing area i was forced to have my (2 x 9watt) fluros about 8 cm above the soil. this caused my seedlings to grow quite tall very quickly and now they have weak as stems. despite the weakness of my lights they are growing okay now (i think).. one has 2 4cm leaves 2 2cm leaves 4 1 cm leaves and another 2 0.5 cm leaves. (this seems a decent amount of growth for <2weeks). However when i spray water on them they lean over. i been blowing on them pretty hard to simulate wind but is there any better way to strengthen the stems??


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Guest Urbanhog
an gnome I know's last crop was similar to yours, when they were several weeks old, he let a fan gently blow at them, and it somewhat made the branches bit stronger couple of weeks later..... lol It just like any outdoor plants not just mj plants, the wind (not too hard of course) sort of "moves" the plants and it makes the stem's thicker and stronger......
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Yeah, get hold of an oscillating fan and put it in your grow room (on low), leave it running 24 hours a day, it should strengthen them up. Keep flouro's about one to two inches above the plants, they need to be kept close. You should fit at least another couple of CF's to your grow room too.



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nearly all of my plants did the same, what you will find is that, if you water them and they fall over, you can come back 8-12 hours later and they will be standing again, most seedlings do it no matter what species. as someone else mentioned, if you are worried just steak them untill they're capable of standing fine on they're own. one of my outdoor plants (the best/biggest of all) i was watching today in pretty severe winds, the stem got so big after the last bad winds that today with it swinging around it almost uprooted itself with all the soil it was moving hehe.

the stems almost 10mm in diameter and the plant about 300mm high, looks chunky as. lol


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