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:wacko: good to see that he got off!,but knowing my luck,i'd go in with no prior's & get 2 years for having 4 plants! ;) that just seems to be the way the law works i think,the more times you front before them,the less of a sentence you recieve,i think they like to make an example out of some people.
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It seems the number of plants in alot of the cases were just one factor affecting the outcome.


Pretty much all cannabis related cases recieved suspended sentences - unless there was something like selling even small amounts of amphetamines involved, which will see you spending time with Bubba clenching like you've never clenched before. :wacko: So let that be a warning to you kiddies.


Do a search for 'cannabis' at www.courts.sa.gov.au if you're interested in reading more. I think URLs for other states would follow a similar format too.

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Well i am pretty sure he was going to sell the goods as which pothead grows 96 plants for his own consumptiion??? i think not. HOWEVER if there were no scales lying about, no vast sums of cash or (new) weed baggies, no flash cars or bikes or other gear- how could they prove he was intending to sell? Good on him...

You may get caught with 4 plants but have siome other "incriminating" evidence about which could fuck ya.... Maybe the judge had a good root the night before, or maybe he is a pothead himself. Who knows?

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