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Howard Mark's Books

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Mr Nice -


Mr Nice is Howard Mark's Autobiography, for those who dont know Howard Marks he was a huge Cannabis and hash smuggler from england, heaps rich and very clever guy, like most autobiography writers though he's pretty up himself, very up himself, but I guess i would be to if I was a millionaire drug smuggler. I dont really think hes that nice, he just doesn't physically hurt anyone, but hes fairly selfish guy.

None the less he has a great story to tell and tells it in great detail, either makes alot up or has a photographic memory but its a good read. Hes not so much doing alot of driving or flying in cars/planes full of drugs and stuff like that, a few times, but mostly he is arranging deals from the outside, he gives good descriptions of how it was all done, and would be a good thing to read for both the wannabe smuggler and for the police.

It really makes you wanna be a drug smuggler while reading it heaps.


anyways good book, 4 bongs out of 5.


The Howard Marks Book Of Dope Stories -


This book is a load of crap, its just a bunch of excerpts from books and shit about drugs, some good quotes in there and shit I guess, but really its just a shitty cash in on the fact Mr Nice was an Excellent and popular book, its got quotes from books i already read and shit and just little bits of books and stuff really shit, there is one good thing in the book, a reprinting of a very long interview with super huge drug smuggler and High Times Norml originator and funder, Tom Forcade. That bit is pretty awesome, makes howard marks seem like your local stick-seller.


anyways shit book, 2 bongs out of 5


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i can agree with white_cluster on the Mr. Nice autobiography, but i dont think hes that up himself, hes just Welsh and went to Oxford. it has to rub off on you (the Oxford part). but the fact that hes lying or has a photographic memory i can definately relate to, i think that some of it has been stretched cause obviously he wouldnt tell EVERYTHING, some things he said in that book could affect people now who might never have been been identified before the publication of Mr. Nice, you get me? but over all a top read, would recommend it to anyone (within reason lol )


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I liked this book too and wondering how are serious hash smoker could remember all those conversations. But it is more of a adventure story rather than a manual of how to be a internation dope smuggler.

I was also left with the feeling that Mr Nice was not telling all but then who would.

That Jim MCann guy was fucking funny. What a character!!!

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