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late growing

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Guest BudWaver

its not the heat which will grow em but the light and the light intensity..warmth helps


you stand a good chance of having some nice small plants in there if you plant now in time for the coming feb heatwave/light emersion

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hey ... when does the Aussie harvest season start .. finish .,..it's my first grow ...



I've got a "no name brand bag seed" a friend gave me ... that took off & now are 150 cm high ..they germed last September.


one went hermie & I got some small buds off it .. the other s just kept vegging .. I thought that any commercial grower would be into good breeds.... so I didn't think it would be too bad a strain to grow from bagseed... but I still don't see any crystals... just a bunch of leaf.


I hearsay rumour ,, is that it could be a northern lights x skunk cross ... but it's just not very crystally at all... or even a thai type...


I think I might have a sativa dom breed ... long thin leaves ..light green etc ...

from what little I got off the hermie when it flowered & went to seed ..... the head buzz is trippy enough ...


since I put them outside....my sativa dom bag seed is vegging again .. ..& I'm just wondering when they may eventually flower ...

they stretched another 40cm so far , since last early December when they went out into the sunshine ...


12/12 hours are soon .. daylight that is .. outdoors ..

so .. any suggestions as to what the Aussie season can bring.


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