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Scales! Which ones?


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If I want to measure substances of a pound at a time, which are the best scales to buy? I bought some digital scales $27 AU fishing scales that you hold in one hand it has a hook coming out of the bottom and you use it to latch onto fish to weigh it. the brand is INSPRA from Perth bought on ebay. Has anyone used or heard if they are OK?
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g'day aussie 1


imo the fishing scales that you are talking about are not probably not accurate enough.


I once saw a set of old post office scales used to weigh up pound lots.

The guy reckoned it was spot on.

unfortunately i have no idea where you might pick one up :wacko:


maybe an auction or second hand shop or something......



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I got some hand held digital scales from Dick Smith for $100


Not super accurate (0.1g graduations) but good enough so they should be able to measure a foil in any accuracy. They go up to 500 grams (18oz/1.1lb) and a few standard measurements that I have tested have been spot on.


Thinner brand and also saw exactly the same at a Tandy.


btw. And I will probably get flamed for this but here goes...

A more recent forum which was closed was NOT about the sale or quantities, but the purchase and I wanted to know if I was getting ripped off. As it was closed before I could reply, sorry for being misleading, was just curious.

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