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Using your mouth as a bong.

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this might be done all the time, but I did it for first time yesterday, its inspired by my reading about how ancient afghan and pakistan folk once smoked. Been practicing it all night though, good fun.


Anyways you need a small glass pipe and a drink of water, or even a stem and a cone instead of a pipe.

Basically get a small bit of water in your mouth, and blow your cheek out on one side, and tilt your head to that side so that the water is all inside your cheek, then get a packed pipe (small one at first) and stick it in the low corner of your mouth on a 45 degree angle just like a bong, and seal around the pipe with your lips and burn it down, you can rip the whole thing like in a bong its not like smoking dry pipe where you gotta take tiny tokes, anyways once you pulled your cone and held it in and shit, blow out the smoke at the same time as druelling out the water you just smoked through.

The key is in small amount of water and keeping head totally tilted and keeping end of stem in water at all times, the first one will be gross I'm sure, but they get better, way better than nasty dry pipes. and can be smoked anywhere you've got both a small pipe and water.

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