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this is a great book, probably the best book in the world I reckon.


Its a big epic about the history and production of hashish, a very technical work for researchers kinda thing, I doubt you'll laugh or cry reading it, but fucking interesting shit, very interesting.

Alot of technical data and graphs and charts to explain all kids of things, almost gets a bit too scientific at times, but the history bits are fantastic reading, It would be great if he wrote the same kind of thing on the history of traditional cannabis smoking cultures..


Its worth buying for the colour photo section alone.but lots of nice black and white photos as well, photos of dope fields as far as the eye can see, huge hash collections etc....


awesome book, get it, its worth it. If the history of hashish is something you dont give a fuck about, dont get it, you'll hate it.


Available for purchase through Oz Stoners.


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Been waiting for a review of this one. Cheers WC. I'm very interested in Hashish making and the history of the stuff ever since I spoke to a few travellers that came back from good ol Morocco with a few tales of the stuff years back. I'll be adding this to the shopping list. How long ago was it written ??


:wacko: Tugboat ;)

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i have a copy too

wicked book

must read for any budding herbalist


i would love to check fe updates

i have the first release and the ice water extracts are a bit dated now

the traditional grow info is crucial


most of the moden tecks are far more advanced nowadayz

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Guest niall
You must own a copy of this book, it is the definitive work on the subject. Like Radic says it's starting to show its age, but only a little - plenty of excellent information, tables of constituents and melting/boiling points is worth the price alone imho, but plenty of great stories and insights into the traditional hashish making and using cultures and heaps more.
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