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final results & hash


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got me harvest all sorted ended up with 3oz of decent bud (=to average bush) 4oz of scrapy buds and a block of hash made from 2 or 3 oz,

its not the crop of excellent hydro i was hoping for, but I've got a worthwhile smoke and saved a grand or 2 on buying crap from rip off merchants.

New crop is running now, I took 2 seedlings from outside, under 20hr light (extra light to compensate for shortening days while they where outside), Im using a local brand of veg nutes, swithching to dutch fest for flower, Im also using some dutch master superbud parta to stop the hight as that really stuffed the last crop , and partb to fatten the buds, also got some dutch master silica to help the buds to.

and a few pics of the old crop


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the hash gives a good stone but i dont think Id bother with chemical extraction again, maybe bubble bags if i gever get enough decent bud to spare, chemical hash just isnt the same, I used to love the stuff we used to get 15 or 20 years ago I think it was imported in those days but whenever the mull would dry up the hash would start to come in, never see that sort of gear these days.



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