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good place to germinate seeds?

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how about this for a good way to germinate seeds.

wrap them in wet paper towel, put on a small dish or whatever, then go and put them under the eaves! you know, betwen the ceiling and the actual iron/tiles or whatever you have as a roof. its dark, warm and moist. i have only just put my seeds up there but it seems like a perfect place too me.

can anybody point out any disadvantages to this? or is this the most perfect place to germinate your seeds?




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hi have gerinated quiet a lot of seeds and to put themup in the eves isnt that good of an idea for depending on the temp and where u live

and not to mention the pain in the arse climbing a ladder every 8-12hrs to check on seeds.

i havehad seeds split in4 hrs andothers 3daysfor itdepends on strain

i have used the same spot now for last 3 years and neva had anyprobs

with anything ,which happends to b the top shelf in my linen closet,

keeps a constant temp no light and easy to check, with 100% germ

every time. :rolleyes: WS

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hi in answer to your ? light isnt used for the actuall term germinate, forthe light can an does damage/kill the tap root

all this is done in the dark.eg:when planting a seed in the ground

its totaly dark:

once seed has split and germinated then poped thru soil/merdium then

and only then does light take ova,at this stage the more light the betta

i hope this has helped..cheers :rolleyes: WS

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