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Cannabis Alchemy


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This is a book which gives detailed methods of making oil and hash through solvent extractions.


It starts off with a basic reflux apparatus that most people could do in their kitchen utilising a few different pots, collander, plastic bag, and ice set up on the stove. This should yield a better quality oil than the standard iso oil methods you see posted around the net.


It also goes into isomerisation, which apparently converts cannibinoids to THC and also produces more of the higher rotating isomers of THC. Which is meant give a much stronger high.


Appart from various purification procedures such as fractional distillation it also contains instructions to make THC Acetate. Which according to the book will give the ultimate psychadelic high. However it requires the use of very dangerous chemicals and an artificial atmosphere in an explosion proof box. :rolleyes: I think I'll leave that one to the chemists and the crazies.


This book is very scientific, and even gives the formulas for all the specific chemical reactions involved as well as detailed explanations. He can spend a number of pages explaining the theory behind one chemical reaction, I gota say my eyes kinda glazed over reading it.


Cannabis Alchemy was written in the 70's and is outdated and relatively useless to us now that we have discovered butane extraction. It also contains nonsense such as refluxing oil through bud to make it more potent. Definitely from a time where low grade seedy bud was the norm.


The book actually states that a translucent "honey" oil is the ultimate product. D.Gold will tell you that to produce this will take refluxing on a stove, fractional distillation and charcoal filtering for up to 30 hours!!! While now we all know that the exact same product (probably better) can be produced with a tube and few cans of butane gas in a number of minutes.


It is an interesting read and has tidbits of information about hash and oil making techniques from around the world, like "Texas Super Hash". But it sounds better than it is. If you are interested in the science behind oil and hash then its worth a read, but if you just want to make the best honey oil and hash on the planet hash bags and butane are the go.


Available for purchase through Oz Stoners.


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