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Well, if you know what a Bunya Pine and a Hoop Pine tree looks like, that'll show the variation between xmas tree shaped, and columnar.


The Xmas tree shape looks like a xmas tree, with the lower branches longer than the top, and poking out in the general shape that a xmas tree is associated with, just like a Bunya Pine.


A hoop Pine tree is columnar, because the braches all poke out at 90 degrees to the trunk, and are the same length all the way up. The bottom branches are just the same as the top, making a column.


Same with dope, but sometimes the branches of a columnar dope plant wont be at 90 degrees, and the braches might be longer at the bottom than the top. But the braches in that case will all grow close to the trunk, pointing upwards. The lower, longer branches kinda hugging the trunk on their way up, instead of hanging out.


It makes plants top heavy, as Budwaver so rightly pointed out.


I hope that all makes sense...now for bed.




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