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mouldy buds

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was in my growroom this morning doing the usual checks,when i noticed a nearly mature bud,full of mould,this is two crops in a row where the bigger buds have gone mouldy,does anyone know any cures other than heaps of airflow.hydroshop says one dose of budlink will stop mould throughout the plants life,wouldn't you have to add it with each nutrient change? :rolleyes:
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Guest BudWaver

yeh mate get a freaking crappy low yielding strain..no mould probs there..hehe


or drop humidity to below 30%...ventilating is by far the cheapest option without adding chemicals when ya dont need em


drop the number of lights you have


cut more holes in your room and passive air outtake that moist air

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Budlink will help to prevent mould the silica improves cell integretity(thickens cell walls) making it harder for mould to penetrate the plant. Running a dehumidifer is also a good means of prevention. I however just foliar spray with a product called microkill every 10days it does a great job against just about any mould or fungus you may encounter in the foliage of your plant. If you already haver the stuff is does a great job of killing it too. Prevention and cure!
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Kill all spores between grows. Bleach is the easiest and cheapest option to kil the shit. Vent and more vent. Keep air circulating between those monster nugs as well. Don't let them touch eacher other if you can avoid it. Been and done the mould thing. Feeling for ya Crud :rolleyes:


ps. A foafoaf has a big room setup. She has an AC unit on all the time, and does not seem to get any mould probs, even when the whole room is absolutely packed with buds.

Nice and dry air from those things.

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I'd say it would remove the majority of it, but it's just one of those things; do you want to smoke an insignificant amount of residual product, or a sack full of mold?




I know that I don't like mold.


I don't know if I don't like traces of mold prevention, and probably never will. I'll die of sooo many other things before that has a chance to affect me. :wacko:

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