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please help can this be done


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i love organics can i use potting mix indoors and organic ferttilizers?will this attract insects?you need 50 watts per foot?what is maxium per foot minuim per foot?or is this a stupiud idea and am i better off using clay balls perlite etc and liquid ferts can you get organic liquid ferts?is leaving light on for 24 -7 better than 18-6 any advice please and good luck to everyone
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Guest Wilderbud
Id go for an inert soil [peat/perlite is my favourite] and organic nutrients - fertilizers stink and can be harmful indoors [legionaires etc]. If you want better growth rate then expanded clay is best although I think you may need a non-organic nutrient for this [liquid organic nutrients still uses biological breakdown to feed the plant] and theres some available and a link in the nutrients forum IIRC [its one of my threads].
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