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Hey all,


I just thought id bring this up, as i think its important. Im a very strong believer in karma and respect for parents, elders etc. So i totally discounted growing at my house. Then with my sativas in danger when they start flowering i bit the bullet and decided to talk to my mum about the idea of growing at my house. And believe me im on the bottom end of the scale, with very anti-drug parents, and they went right off when they found bongs and mull in my room on a few occasions. But now theyve accepted the fact i occasionally smoke, but know im not out of control.


So basically i said to my mum, "look im going to be brutally honest here, you know i smoke with mates now and then, but know im not into anything other than dope. Now uve always said you worry about dealers lacing dope and wasting money on it etc. So i started growing a plant, and wanted to see what you thought about me putting it down the back." And she totally digged the honestly and the whole idea. basically accepting my status as an adult and able to make my own descisions in respect to these issues ( im 18 now )


Now some people may call me a 'mummas boy' or the like for this, but i think going behind the backs of the people who put a roof over your head is wrong. So basically what im saying to the younger dudes/chicks out there, if you want to have a grow at your home, speak openly to your mum/dad about it first and see what they think, youd probably be really suprised with their willingness to accept such things, because ultimatly do you want weed to be the cause of a fallout in your family?


Just something to consider.


Take care guys


Just something to consider

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Guest BridesNightie

Nice post 200sx. Maybe over time you can turn your mum on? ;) I got my mum stoned for the first when she was in her late 60's, she loved it! It was hilarious to watch, she said something like "ohh my head feels funny, like it is lifting off" and then she just sat there watching tv and giggling quietly to herself. classic. ::D:

my redneck brothers kicked up a stink when she told them and she never got to have any more. :angry:


cheers, BN

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