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My Current Grow #2 Outdoor Sativas

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Hey guys,


Heres the second installment in my grow season, these are some newly transplanted outdoor sativas. They are still suffering some transplant droop, but have recovered nicely and are looking much healthier ( a few days before these photos the leaves were neally drooping to ground. many dead and most leaves very brittle) but now leaves are nice and lush again and the droop is starting to subside


Secondly the shock seems to have had an "shit im going to die, i better flower" effect to the girl, which has rust/orange colored pistilate exploding out of her preflowers, yay!


-cheers guys


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hey 200sx,


mate are they in the ground or in pots?

when they go through a bit of transplant shock, it is best to keep the water up to them. they look thirsty. i water my sats every day with 10 litres of water each. they are also mulched and have water crystals preadded to soil.


if ya want any sort of decent yield off them, i suggest pruning them back at least a third. this will regenerate her. will take longer to mature but your yield would be doubled at least. you could take clones off the cuttings ;)


if grown right, you should still be able to get 6 to 8 oz of those sats.

i've always found with sativas...water,water,water!


oh yeah, could ya try and get a close up of the one you think might be a male. but hard to tell with that pick :D

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hey wade ta for reply and advice mate,


yeah they are in nice sized pots, and have been given a big drink today. Im not too familiar with sativa flowering paterns, given that the female is putting out her pistilate, how long should it be before buds start to form? as then i have to move the pots to a different location, stealth mission style :D

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