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Small Plant Problems

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I am having a slight problem with only one of my eight plants i have under 400w HPS and 80w Fluro. They are in a flood drain cabinet type setup.

6 of the 8 are Afghanis. 1 is Malawi Gold and the other is outdoor temperate.

The afghanis are fine and going strong but the other two are slightly older and one of them is looking a little yucky.( its either malawi or outdoor silly me for not labelling properlly)

Its showing like yellowing/lighter green on the edges of the leaves and the tips are also a little burn this is an over fert problem i know but its been remidied and now all i have is funny dark green leaves with yellow edgs. I dont think its a big deal or will kill the pant but id rather sort it out incase yield/quality is effected.

I treated yeterday for Mg Deficiency by adding 1/2tblspoon of Epsom salts to resevoir. Also i will be watering it with a Epsom Salt Solution daily to up the Mg.

1) Am i corect do u think its Mg Deficieny?

2) Could it be from spraying the leaves with water and them getting burnt leaves under the lights?

3) Can different strains be more prone to nute deficiencies or other problems? Is it possible its the Outdoor Strain that is sick and it doesnt like being under Lights?

4) Could it be a ventalation problem and not nutes. Or even Sulfur Toxicicty?

I cant work it out?

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it could be any number of problems as is always the case.

do you tes your pH? as most deficency problems normally come your pH being to far out of range. also have you allowed enough time for the plant to recover from the over fertilisation. whatever is the case, it seems that the genetics of that particular plant are such that it is more sensititive than the others.

sensitive plants suck.

keep trying to solve the problem but next time i would just stick with more user friendly plants.

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