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BudLover's SnackCracker (THC biscuts)

Guest toke-n-choke

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Guest toke-n-choke

This little fun snack is quick and can be made in the microwave and will have you blazed for a good hour or two!


Makes 3


What you need:

3 biscuts, english muffins, or crackers

Cheddar, Swiss or Provelone Cheese, Sliced

3 DANK (must be good quality) nuggets of herb, a little smaller than the size of an eyglasses lens

Crushed Red Pepper or other Seasoning

Drop or two of olive oil


How To:

Break up nuggets (one nugg for each cracker) into small peices about the size of a pea. add a very, very little bit of olive oil to the weed (not to soak, just a few drops). Put the weed on the cracker or biscut. Slice the cheese thin and about the size of the craker, and cover the bud with the cheese on the cracker. Sprinkle with crushed red pepper or other seasoning. Pop them in the microwave for about 25-40 seconds (CHEESE MUST BE MELTED SO THAT THC WILL STICK OR BOND WITH THE FAT) (concept of THC being fat-soluble)

ENJOY and u will be stoned!

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