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theory of sex of certain plants.

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hi guys.


you know when you get them plants where 3 leaves are coming from one internode instead of 2.

They all males I reckon, they all show as males in sexing anyways, and there usually runts too, maybe they reverse males I never grown em out that far.i had a friend who had one that wasn't a runt but it was still male and she was pissed.

Anyway am I just tripping or am I right??? if I am why is this the case?? if the trait was stabilised could it only be stabilised into the male population, it could make the sexing of seeds alot easier.

But there fucked up nature to me suggests they might make herm seed or something, no clue there, but yeah.....

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Yeah, I've had that triple node thing happen before, but yeah, it was male... perhaps it's just more likely to be male with that error in node development. :(


Spurious has shown they can be girls tho... I've heard of only one other girl of the three node type, and that was a heck of a long time ago on UK420 I think... But I'd be most interested to see if they can breed out and perhaps get the trait to show in females with regularity. That is, if it's not likely to cause hermies... :D But still, with a little effort I bet you could get it out as a trait... maybe... ;)


Maybe we could try and trace the lineage which causes it? I know my bbxww had one 3 noder as a male, anyone else want to deliniate which strains produced these type plants?


We need a guy with a strong microscope and camera for chromosome counts. :D


Just thought of another q on this, do you find that cloned plants produce a similar node development if taken from such plants? I know that may seem a dumb q, but is there any change in the morphology when it's cloned? :(

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