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using a pendulum to sex seeds before growing

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;) This has always worked for me, so maybe you'ld like to try it.


First, make a pendulum. You can use a ring on a chain, a necklace or even a peg on a piece of string.


Next, determine you indicators. Hold the pendulum in the right or left hand so that it dangles freely. Say out loud,"show me female". The pendulum will either swing backward and foward or around in a circle.

This will be your female indicator.


Then, say out loud, "show me male". The pendulum should indicate the opposite for what you received for "female". This is the male indicator.


Practise a few times and then try it on a seed. Receive your answer and plant your seed. Test this if you like and let me know.


Dead seeds and hermaphrodites give respectively, no response or both responses over the one seed.


Have a go have fun!

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personal I do not use the pendulum method but the sinsemilla dance.


It has had a 200% sucess rate for me, place each plant in the middle of an empty room, and dance around the plant anti-clockwise chanting "ayacama beyacama ayacama femayacama".

chant the chant 23 times only and then walk backwards away from the plant 3 steps still facing the plant. and peform the chant one more time.

then that plant is done and you can move onto the next, but remember, the sinsemilla dance will not work under artificial light, the only appropriate lighting is the light of the moon when it is full.


If the dance is not peformed exactly as I directed you will still get male plants.

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Yeah, the guaruntee that if you follow WC's advice you're likely to end up with sore legs and a hangover, waking up in the dirt next to some smelly hippy.... :(


Just kidding, there's a lot about plants we don't know, and whilst I appreciate that all this is a bit of fun at starchilds expense, it would be a brave grower who said they know everything there is to know about pot. I like to keep an open mind to these sorta things... Perhaps we should have a massive Oz Stoners seed sexing experiment. Lay down a basic instruction set for germing seeds, with the aim being to have people germ their seeds, apply the pendulum sexing method, and record results. If we were to all germ in a similar way and conduct such an experiment, we could find out if there's anything to it. One growers findings does not a research paper make, but many.... that's another story... whaddya think?


I follow moon planting, still have to source myself the 2004 calendar. The Magic Circle bookshop in the city closed down, and I have to either make a trip to freo or order from the addy on last years... *sigh* The point being that there are many, many different ways to influence the way you grow, and no matter how kooky it may sound, it's likely that some of them at least are not in the categories of "light, water, air, nutes, media," which are usually the growers main concerns... think about it...


Meantime, thanks for the post there starchild, do you have any other methods you use which you think we might not have heard of? Sexing, growing, anything.... :D Cheers.

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I never used to believe in "new age" techniques of any sort until about 18months ago when I saw it work for real myself. A friend of mine uses a pendulum to find where to drill for water (he owns a water bore drilling bussiness) and he boasts a 95% accuracy of being right, you dont just get high percentages like that from luck.


I say if it works for you go for it, and to hell what small minded people think.


JF, peace

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