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Sorry ive been gone for so long guys been bizzy with work and stuff but while i was out and dazed B) i came up with some SPACED AGE STONER FOOD .






Now im not gonna lie i got the idea from Watching Deep Space nine . I admit im a Star treck nerd B) . but anyway while i was Watching Deep Space nine stoned Eating Vanilla Yogut i came up with a Space Age topping for ice Cream .


What you Need



* Ski Light Vanilla Yogut

* cinamon

* Diced Date's

* Saphron Spice

* Dried Apricot


What To Do



Simplie get any mixing bowl add all the ingreidents and mix till you get a smooth looking yellow in color topping ignore the dates and dried apricot ofcurse .


Then Pour over Ice Cream And Serve Its that simplie and if you want to you can even add some Cannibus to the mixture.


Clingon Pie's



now this is simplie my easy to cook idea for Shepeards Pie .


What You Need



* Best Mince , Mince Meat

* Bacon

* Onion

* Pattato (now if your to lazy to peel pattato's , use Packets of deb)

* normally every day Stake

* Gravox gravy

* Shortcrust pastry


What To Do



first of all cook the stake Medium to rare as you gotta stew it next in the mince meat. then finally Dice the onion and bacon . Now Only Sweet the onions meaning only cook the onions till their a light see through color. now get the mince meat and You can add whatever spices you want i go with Oregano , Basil And chives and salt and pepper ofcourse and a tadd of maggie helps to .


Now peel your patto's and boil them. now when the patto's are ready mash them and let it kool down.


Then what you do is Add boiling water to the gravox if you like you can make your own gravy this is just the stoners abriavted version . now throw the mince meat in the frying pan and cook it till its lightly brown and you can see no raw meat , then add your onions and bacon and stake to the mince meat and add the gravy and simmer on low heat for 10 minuts .


get your shortcrust pastry wich can be bought in most grocrie stores and get a lil cup cake baking tray and cut the pastry to the size of the baking try make sure its oiled ofcourse if you like it spicy i suggest you try greasing it with chillie oil .then place the fry pan's ingreidents ontop of the pastry then add your mash pattato and cut pastry lids then pre heat your oven to 200 . place the pies in the oven for 40 - 45 or till golden brown . And thier ya have it Easy Sheperds pie

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