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Clones, in rockwool, down then up!

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:P I have some clones about 4 days old in rockwool, one of them just started to fall and bend over. The rock wool felt quite damp so i didn't think it could be thirsty but i put a few sprays on the rock wool and pulled her out for a check. She shoot back up the next day! WEIRD i thought! They are in a dome aswell. Anyone have any answers for that?

Also when cutting clones on the angle whats better skinning the first laryer of the plant at bottom or leaving it alone? :P

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No good spraying the base mate, they dont have any roots yet. Spray the foliage (leaves), make sure your using a humidifer.

did you use a rooting gel?

The dome - does it have air holes in the dome, you know, the bought ones have holes in the top, and one on either side. Normally, I have one of those open, the other two closed, especially in this heat. If you don't nhave the holes, then make sure you open the lid 2 or three times a day. And spray with plain water liberally, in this heat maybe 2-3 times a day. I watch the dome. Whe n the perspex is clear, without water on it, its time to water

Without seeing the plant, it sounds like either heat stress, or lack of water.

Not an expert, but this may help

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Thanks for the response but i think you may have read wrong.

1> I'm in Canada, sorry i didn't write that, no heat problem!

2> Yes i used rooting gel!

3> I think spraying the actual fooliage is a bad thing, you only want to spray the dome which does have ventalaton!

4> It came back and is looking well, I just wanted to know if anyone knew why a clone would drupe and then just caome back!

Thanks anyway,

Cheers Mate!!! :P

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Guest Elefunk

Man dont spray leaves...

only wet medium, get a sauce squeeze bottle and fill it with water and squrt your rockwool cubes till damp once only morning an night b4 bed

while under fluros aproxx 30-36 watts


i only use superthrive and cut underwater

and have fairly good results


Keep the humidity up....


my clones rooth within 2 weeks if that also depening on genetics




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italian_gardener - could be that the stems are just not strong enough to hold their weight. I had this problem until I started using twist ties (ones that come with garbage bags and loafs of bread). I take it and twist it around the bottom half of my clone, then from there insert it and the clone into rockwool. I find that if I do that for the first few weeks of its young life, the stem will harden up and hold it own. Adds nice flexable support that can be easily removed later.


Use the ones with plastic on them over paper. Paper gets nasty and can mold on you.

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