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wet clones, dry clones?

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Guest BudWaver

wazzup mario! :P


kidding...of course


have you got your clones in a humidity dome?


clones need humidity to accelerate their root growth but when they have rooteed they ned plenty of fresh air and much less humidity...


The actual grow cube when you initially clones needs to be moist but not soaking wet...and needs to stay like this thru out the rooting process...to much water in the cube will slow rooting down as the plant doesnt have to search for water its already there...too little water and they will die...


Just keep it moist but not dripping with water...altho in a humidity dome they get laden with water anyhow especially if your using a heater pad underneath...but its no biggie...


Fuck I just reread your post....I find the humidty provides enuff air mositure for the leaves of your plants without u having to spray e with water....for me it just accelerates burning them especially when they grow too big for your clone cabinet

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Yeah, I find it's better not to directly spray the clones in the rooting phase, rather, spraying the inside of the dome itself when it's clear is the better indicator. Course, if you've got a humidity reader you can perfect it with a little practice, but it works well enough. :P


The less you move the clones, the quicker they root. Pulling the clones out of the cube to test if it's rooted is not a good idea. If it roots, it roots, and you'll soon know, if it doesn't it doesn't, and you'll realise that as well. The point being, let them do their thing and they usually take right off.... :P


MJ is one of the easiest plants to propogate by cutting. Don't worry too much, you'll soon be a master cloner. ;)

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