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Alright, I was listening to the radio the other day, and they were discussing the best way to beat a Piss Test. This guy calls up and says that he works at one of those Urinalisys Labs, and he said that, "Niacin is the only thing that works on THC" I was

still pretty skeptical about it, but until I talked to my friends about it, and they said that they've been using it for drug test too, and it always works for them.


But anyway, I had already been smoking earlier that week, (we must have smoked about 6 bowls). So I ran to the health food store, and bought a bottle. I took 2 pills, and it made me feel a little bit uncomfortable, my skin started turning red, and I had a bad case of the itches. And man, you can feel the stuff actually running through your pores! I heard it's supposed to really speed up your matabolism and lower cholestoral too but I don't know about that. It does make sense though.


Anyway right before I went to go see my probation officer, I bought a little THC Drug Test Kit and tested myself, and I was clean. I was pretty shocked, (keep in mind, that I stoped taking Niacin Pills 2 days before I tested myself.)


I'm not sure this is total fact but if Niacin was the reason I passed that drug test then this could b the solution for all stoners on probation :P If anyone has some ABSOLUTE FACTS about this then plz reply. I'd love to know more about this stuff. Any opinions would b great 2 :)

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Guest billy bonger

:P Gee sounds like you found a way to beat the test, i'm not so keen on the effects you had though, sounds uncomfortable :) .Guess if i had a test i REALLY needed to beat, i'd probably try it too !.


Just be careful with where you store this, i submitted a news story recently were the guy had the thing he was going to use to beat the test in his car(Whizzinater or somethin), was pulled over by the cops, he was then busted because he was on his way to a see probation officer to have the test!. I don't know if this sort of thing is illegal , but it sure would make them search harder or they'll be back again if they don't find any thing cause they now Know they will get you eventually!.


I'd suggest hiding this as well as you would any other equipment ;) .

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