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hey. got some pics for ya.

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its been a while since i posted with my last problem, but i have some good news. the plant is much happier now in its new 'soil' (yay). It's about six weeks old now, but had a bad 2 weeks at the start, so could someone please look at the pics and tell me if they think its alright or not. and is there a way to tell if its male or female yet?





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;) Yeah, she's looking good mate. You can't tell sex until a preflower shows, so it's a wait and see thing. They'll appear at the point where the leaf and branch joins the main stem. There'll be a small spur there, like a thin triangle of tissue, and then above that will develop either balls or female flowers with two stigma's showing. There are some pics on the boards here to help you identify them.


You may want to pot up soon, cannabis likes a large root run with free draining soil. Keep the light up to it and you'll have a lovely plant in no time. :P


Is this your only plant? It would be a damn shame if it was a boy, but it looks lovely. Still, you can always convert it to honey oil, bubble hash, or canna butter if it is a boy, and at least you'll know what they look like, eh?


Good luck, and may she turn out lovely for ya. :)

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yeah, tis the only plant i have. i went away for a few days over xmas and its shot up even more. the leaves are now stretching out well beyond the size if the pot.


how long does it take to get to the preflower stage? usually? also, the only light is getting is mother sun, will it still flower satisfactorily?


im very happy with how its going, it would be bad if it was a guy, but yeah. out of those 3 things you mentioned you can make out of it, which has the best stone effect? in your opinion that is, i understand its probably slightly different for each person.


ill post some more pics when it gets into the new pot. hopefully tomorrow.

i hope everyone has a good new year.



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"Preflowers, as opposed to full blown flowers, generally appear after the fourth week of vegetative growth from seed. Check carefully above the fourth node. Please note that preflowers are very small and and almost impossible to differentiate without magnification. A photographer's 10x loupe is handy indeed when examining preflowers. "


"As the images below demonstrate, the female preflower is pear shaped and produces a pair of pistils. Frequently, the female preflowers do not show pistils until well after the preflowers have emerged. Thus, don't yank a plant because it has no pistils. Pistillate preflowers are located at the node between the stipule and emerging branch. "


"Also, some female preflowers never produce pistils. A female preflower without pistils is difficult to distinguish from a male preflower. Thus, hermaphodite issues should not be resolved by the appearance of preflowers, without pistils, on a plant otherwise believed to be a female."

..(Information and pics from Overgrow)...


..Hope this helps U some...and good luck with ur grown dude.........



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