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getting seeds sent from the UK

Guest strongbads

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Guest strongbads

If I were to say get seeds sent from the UK or whereever and they were found by customs what happens? Do they just confiscate them or can the police prosecute you for something?


If all they do is confiscate them, does anyone have any good sites with an option for extra fast shipping they can recommend?



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If you order a pack or two, not 200 seeds, they will take out the seeds and replace them with a letter saying they were marijuana seeds and the number of them. It will have an address you can claim them in 7 days if you believe they were wrongly taken. It's a blue letter and it's signed by the customs agent that found the beans. They do not follow a pack of 20 seeds and bust you. Customs and the law have a lot better things to do. They may survey the address and keep an eye on international mail to it. That's why you use a safe addy. I had 26 taken once. Looking back now that company's 'stealth' method wasn't that hard to get into. About 160 bucks worth too. I ve since changed suppliers.



ps - not that I would encourage someone to, but I heard www.drchronic.com would be an excellent choice if one was to do so.

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Guest BudWaver

Yep Vaz hit it on the head....keep your orders small and if they do get intercepted they will only be confiscated...if however you are ordering 200 plus seeds Id only do it from someone who has kick arse stealth methods...Dr Chron nor Seeds direct have a method Id describe as completely safe - but Dr Chron edges out SD stealth wise...Worldwide seeds have the best method I have seen so far.....followed by Hemp Depot...theirs is very cunning


I know this for a fact confiscation wise a freind of mine lost 20 seeds and received an empty envelope with a customs confiscation note on it.....no probs at all....his first confiscation in importing over 1000 seeds in the last couple of years...


As for locally ...never a problem Ive heard

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I had a cardboard CD box cut open, and the CD removed. There were 7 strains tucked away in the CD in typical fashion. I find it hard to believe they didn't find them, although they were packed very well, the box was cut open, the CD removed, and just one step away from discovery.


Personally I think the customs guy just didn't want the paper work. I fretted for weeks over that one. It was over a year ago now, and still no probs.




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