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crown land or private land?

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lady bird, i can appreciate your concerns,but unfortunately i don't think you're familiar with this situation. in this particular area. you see, if the farmer comes across the crop, he/she will head back up to the house and call the cops. the cops will come,rip out the plants, tell the farmer to keep an eye out for suspicious people, head back to the station and sell it. :)

i have worked on farms for near 10 years, and have seen a few farm raids in my time. i know generally what the go is.

In that 10 years i am yet to meet a poor farmer. when a farmer has a good year he will buy a big new tractor or 2, and still tell you he is struggling.

when the farmer has a bad year he will buy a smaller brand new tractor or possibly some new implements for the big tractor he bought the previous year. the difference this time is the fact that the farmer is now crying poor.

as for me personally, i grow 12 plants in an area of about 1000 acres. this is extremely overgrown, scrub country which the farmer hasn't stepped foot in for the last 10 years. the land is basically unhabitable covered with naural bush scrub. i am well aware of the farmers movements,and know that we will never cross paths for this is an area his never visits.


and that's all i'm gonna give away about my grow site in the open forum ;)


I hope i haven't got your back up with my responce ;)


if you have any more concerns, pm me, as i won't be explaining any further in open forum :)

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I always grow in state forest, or national park. The only worry I've really ever encountered, is the occasional prescribed burnoff of particular 'blocks' of bush.


I've only had one rip-off in about 15 years, out of over 50 different sites. That was because I grew too close to a creekline. I knew it was a bit cheeky when I put it in. The next time, just to see, I put in 100 yards up the bank, thru the scrub and past the line of sight. I put a couple near the creek again, to see if the rippers would come back. They did. No worries for the main bunch though. I've had plots 20 yards from country highways that were successful. I figured the chances of someone stopping at that particular spot on the Hwy, and walking in that particular direction, and stumble onto my plants, were considerably slim.


You've just got to pick a spot that no-one is going to stumble upon. Sure people bushwalk, but there's a lot of bush too.

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I've only had one rip-off in about 15 years, out of over 50 different sites.

good stuff spurious :) . you've obviously got your stealth techniques down to a fine art. i spose after 15 years growin, you'd get pretty handy ;)


i've been thinking a little about the subject 'crown or private land', and i've come to the opinion that it comes down to the location and environment of the grower.


in my case, and from the start every reply and new thread i make, is my humble opininion. i don't think any way is a right or wrong way. i say, do whats comfortable in your mind and gut. anyway...

as i was saying. in my case there is nothing but thousand upon thousand acre farms and grazing land. there really is minimal government or crown land available to safely grow weed.

where'as someone else may be in the completely opposite environment to me.


personally if i was in a position to grow on crown land, it would have to be in walking distance. i wouldn't feel comfortable taking a vehicle or being dropped off near the location. eyes seem to be everywhere, and always at the most convenient times.

something else that put me off a bit is , there may be someone negligently growing a patch within a couple of k's of you. i hate the thought of seedy dope. imho there is less chance of this happening on private land simply because most people don't have the spirit(craziness) to grow on private property in fear of getting caught.

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oooooops i pressed the wrong button last time.

wade yes i understand your case is as it is and every case is not the same.you could only hope the farmer finds it before the cops and not the other way around or things just go to plan(fingers crossed)and you collect your yeild.


when i said poor i wasnt saying $$$$ poor,just thinking its about the same as growing at mum and dads house when they dont know and them getting busted for it??(or i have even known a case of a child growing his own and adding to the parents numbers of plants leading to suspended jail sentence) what if your 15 are adding to his 50 he has hidden around but im sure you can be 110% thats not the case with you(does this fammer tell you he's not growing ? )


i myself grew up and have lived in many country towns,i knew a farmer once that was dead against growing and the use of marijuana(so he said)and would report anybody for growing at a drop of a hat.he was somthing like 5th generation owners of the land and on one visit there i noticed in his rubbish burn off ,big cannabis stems not whole plants but stems after you have trimmed up the plants.


just shows you cant always judge a book by its cover.i just dont think people should place any risk on peple for there own habbit .sorry if it sound like im having a go at you im not its just that its called private property for that reason its private ,sure i'd love to find a full grown plant on my property and so would you ? you know the risks and get a result and all is fine exellent at the end of the day ;) .lady.

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Most of the farmers I know are poorer than me and I'm on the dole, sure there all inbred cunts, but none the less, there is a fucking shitload of really fucking poor farmers, my uncle is a farmer gets something like 500k per year of cane, but my old neighbour made like 10k a year & the loneliest, saddest cunt i ever met. Guess it depends where you come from though, the land is shit here so the farmers are poor, where you come from might be prime agricultural land and shit.


I have nothing against growing dope on farmers land, just if you never met a poor farmer you musn't have met many. I felt fucking bad living on the dole in a nice 3 bedroom house while all my neighbours worked there 60yr old arses off all day to come home to a corrugated iron piece of shit to proud and shit to get the dole.

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yep, stand by my first statement. i've never met a poor farmer. but i also agree with what you said w.c. it does depend on location. yes the area i'm in is prime ag land. if it wasn't i spose it would all be crown land hey?

how come you neighbour was such a poor farmer. i'm not being smart. just curious.

yep the farmers are too fuckin proud. if my bit of dirt went stale i'd cut my losses and sell. did the drought affect him?

ladybird. we may just have to agree to disagree mate ;) but i reckon this little disscussion we've had has probably stopped a few people from getting busted. and whether ya grow on crown or private land hopefully this thread has made people maybe a liitle more aware.i think that's something we both agree on. good to have met ya lady bird. :)


cheers everyone


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how come you neighbour was such a poor farmer. i'm not being smart. just curious


I was serious when I said they are all inbred out here, I became good mates with the old bloke helping him out to buy fertilizer and shit, but the cunt was so inbred, talked so fucking slow and had the traditional inbred brow-ridge and shit, admitted he'd never had a woman and shit, was like 60-70 but talked about his mum non-stop. poor cunt, I shoulda sent him something for xmas.

Myself I've only ever grown on crown land or my own, cos I only ever grown on rocky cliffs and shit or in the backyard, I used to climb up straight cliff face and have ropes set up around trees to lower myself down to my crop and shit.That was cos I lived in the middle of a quarry, but other than that I always lived in the middle of farmland but never found a decent place to grow, or just been too lazy. Them farmers are out non-stop checking shit and being busy. I'm too paranoid for that shit.

At the moment all the cold water taps inside the house are busted so I have to go outside to do waterchanges, and even carrying being seen then makes me paranoid.

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