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400w sativa grow 11 weeks of 12/12

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Well I finally bought a digicam so I got some pictures for ya's.


Its a cheap ass camera so pics arnt too good.


Ok this grow is a bagseed plant that looks pretty fucking sativa dom. under a 400w Son T HPS growing in a 20L bucket full of coco and a bit of perlite. Used DM Hot CoCo for veg then DM Advance for flower but I just about am out so I bought some Amsterdam Indoors to finish.... (I would never buy DM nutes again after using hot coco and advance, I reckon the cheap general shitty hydro nutes at big w worked better for me then the hot coco.... Also got some R & D Superbloom anyone used much of it its ment to be 100% natural however that works and you add it the hole time the plant flowers to your usual nutes. Im growing in a built in cupboard BTW,


Anyway enuff of my stoned rambling on with the pics


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Its fucking hot where i live and is always around 30c in my cupboard ;) Gotta invest in a air con very soon.


This plant has been stressed alot coz i have had to leave it for a week by its self with the blumat trompf to water her and a week before i got the blumat aswell my mate looked after it and it got pretty retarted :)


Beeen fun growing her anyway and i got some Super Skunk x Nevs Haze, Juicy Fruit x Nevs Haze and White widow x Northern flo/nevs haze seedlings growing atm and a few other bagseeds... Plan to buy some clones in a week or 2 tho to last me till i got mothers from these seedlings.


Anyway more pics tommorw im too wacked out to keep typing and keep fixing all my typing mistakes.




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