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DWC bubblers


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Greetings all!


I stumbled across this site a couple of days ago and am quite suprised about the quality of info available here. I havent been on any mull forums for a couple of years (just starting to grow again) but remember the only credible sites to be cannabisculture and overgrow.


It is good to know their is a somewhat intelligent growing community here (and all Aussie!) and over the next few months I plan to share info about my grow.


My Question...


I am in the stages of designing my grow room and want to base the dimensions on the width of the buckets to ensure the space is used most efficiently. I dropped into Bunnings and the price of good quality buckets is over $20! I have heard that people obtain them from the back of shops, etc, although I would prefer to purchase uniform buckets.

Are there any Aussie DWC growers out there that have purchased their buckets? If so where from and how much?


People in US can pick them up for a couple of US dollars so why should it be so different in aus?


Any feedback is appreciated.



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I found a ton of 2nd hand buckets in a dirty big 2nd hand store for $3 each, they are square buckets 25ltr made by a plastic company called viscount plastics, and the best buckets I ever used.

so check out 2nd hand stores. the dirty filthy warehouse style.

My first buckets came from both the Donut King and Bakers Delight, I just asked them if they had any spare buckets with lids and they gave them to me, even cleaned them for me.

then its just a matter of giving them a good washing and sterilising.


Anyway yeah they expensive, at the local Norco rural supplies store they about $10-12 dollars, so its really best to search for the free ones.


as for dimensions the 25ltr ones I got (both square and round) are about 32cm in diameter. A good size for bubbler plants is 50 x 50cm footprint with 3-4 weeks veg. (or just flower when they fill the floorspace), for good shrubs of 2 to 3.5 oz each.


good luck and shit.

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