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Bong diseases

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SO call me a prophet of doom but my mum is a nurse and always going on about diseases and outbreaks and things and how to catch them. I've smoked with some scabby cunts but thankfully managed to stay disease free *touches wood, crosses fingers, collects rabbit feet etc*


I always think of the scene in "How High" where the guy has a big festerng cold sore and he really wants some of the joint but they keep snatching it away from him, hardy har.


1. Coldsores


Highly contagious, caught from direct and indirect contact from people who have a scab on their face (you cant get it when theres no scabs AFAIK)


2. Hepatitis A B & C


These suckers are caught by contact with blood/spit. Hepatitis A is the most infectious being easily transferred by spit whereas B & C are more like aids, *can* be caught through saliva but chance is slim, blood is risky.


People with cut mouths, tongue piercings, ulcers (ie general poor health), braces and even rotten teeth are highly likely to pass on and catch Hepatitis as these are all "open wounds" which most people don't think of


3. Cold


If someone is sick make them use a different bong


4. Bongitis


Smoke less cones, buy a vape you cheap cunt


what to do if someone is in the session and is dirty lookin


I don't know. any suggestions here? One of my best mates has coldsores and if I see she has one when I'm up for a session, I'm like, naaah.


My mum reckons just roll yourself a joint out of the mix and pass on cones.. then what happens if you get shouted?


Actually I just had a good idea... if you keep a bog roll with your session equipment or go get one from someones toilet or whatever, you can just put it over the bong neck when its your turn and you will be 10cms further away from all the filthy germs.


As you can tell I am somewhat disgusted/worried about how many diseases are catchable.

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That is v.good info 99WTFU, knowing a little about viruses the info posted is correct imo, in respect to the 1st 2 points, the third is a similar situation if the "cold" is the influenza virus and as for the last point: :D becaue I have 1st hand experience how a cheap shit hot plat vape can improve your fitness without exercising at all . Anyway that is my 2cents
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Guest Wilderbud

Ive had cold sores and they were probably from sharing bongs. Ive never been tested for transmittable diseases.


What is bongitis? If its when your tonsils touch your tongue after chronic use then Ive had that a lot and I roll joints when its bad. :D

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I think "bongitis" would actually be a range of communicable viruses and bacteria. Some would be specific viruses with known names and types, but most would be generic throat and lung infections, more contracted through unsafe use whilst another was sick and contagious than anything else.


But yeah, I suppose any bug you "catch" from a bong could be classified as "bongitis". Doesn't mean it's a real, indetifyable and individual disease though. B)

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I dont know about the Hep B&C as my lil bro has hep c and from all the info i have read catching it off a bong even with a bad tooth the odds of u getting it is VERRY VERRY low if not at all, u would have to drinks buckets of spit too get it and by blood it has too get into your blood stream for u too catch it, a lot of this i know as i was worryed of getting it myself so i looked into it and went with him too see this big wig doc back in syd that only deals with HEP C people, and he said that when your blood leaves your body it starts to brake down real quick and the grem cant live outside the body for verry long at all, but most of what ppl are told about things like hep c & b are scare mungering tatics, witch is good but bad as well as thay never get the 100% truth about it.


just my 2cent.

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