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male pods

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Ive got a problem with a few male pods that have developed on a heat stressed branch, I've cut off the one branch with the male pods, is my crop stuffed, I dont think any pods opened. Ive only got 2 plants in the cupboard so I dont want to rip the whole plant if i can help it. with 3 or 4 weeks to harvest.


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If you absolutely sure no pods opened, you should be okay, but most plants won't just turn hermie on one branch... it's likely to be that the whole plant will eventually show... Keep a very, very close eye on it buddy.


You'd probably have to pull it in the end if this is the case. If there are only very few pods you can pull them off individually from the plant as they show, make sure you get em before they open tho. You'll have to do this every day, and really thoroughly, as one pod could potentially pollinate the lot. :D


Personally? I'd say pull it and make some honey oil or canna butter, and get better heat control in there. You may want to consider changing strains too, as it's to some degree a genetic fault as well as a stress induced one.


Good luck mate, I know how crappy it can be to find male flowers on a lucious female. :) Let us know how she comes out... ;)

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Another option would be to stick it in a different cupboard under CF's or something and finish it of separate while pulling off every male flower that develops, hermies can still give you a pretty good smoke.


Having said that I personally would rip it out and tie the other plant down to expose it to plenty of light in the lower areas, you will increase the yield of that plant a fair bit that way.

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